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Current Side Projects

  • Galliventurer - Space exploration game (early pre-production).
  • Lite RBAC CMS - flat file json data storage accessed via serverless lambda running NodeJS
    Github Repo
  • Creator Mission Control - analytics dashboard for a snapshot view of post engagement and charting trends across multiple social media platforms. [COMING SOON]
  • VueJs framework/component library for quick boostrapping of published object lists via json files
  • Countdown timer for stream start - Or for counting down to anything! Super easy to customise, UI for custom setup coming soon.

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I'm sure most people have experienced this feeling of burn out once or twice in their professional lives. Recently I've been caught in a nineth circle of hell, without getting into detail let's just say due to poor (or non-existent) project management I've been stuck in QA/UAT testing loops for code that was written months ago! The near constant state of "hurry up and wait" whilst other people move onto the next projects and actually achieve forward momentum is infuriating to say the least, but when I think about moving on to the next tasks I find I just don't care anymore! I think that's the major killer of burnout - the capacity for caring about the work & solving the problems is next to nothing.

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